Learn with Ollie

Rebecca Williams Salvador

Richmond Publishing

Levels 3

Age 3-5

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Learn with Ollie is an exciting new series which aims to provide pre-primary children with the initial building blocks for future success in English. It not only focuses on early childhood development of linguistic skills but also on social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills.

The content has been carefully planned and structured so that it promotes the development of essential skills in a fun and motivating way.

Throughout the course, children are presented with content and tasks that encourage them to steadily move from comprehension to production.


Learn with Ollie contains:

  • Key language and concepts presented through appealing illustrations and photos
  • Lessons with flexible formats and lengths
  • Early literacy development
  • Original and traditional stories that stimulate student engagement
  • Key competencies integrated into the language curriculum
  • A phonics lesson in each unit
  • An About Me! Lesson in each unit focusing on values and good habits through personalized themes
  • The unique Teacher’s i-solutions for the classroom which provides all the digital and audiovisual material in one easy-to-access format


For Students

  • Student’s Book
  • Activity Book
  • Stories and Songs CD (includes picture dictionary audio)
  • Stickers
  • Pop-outs
  • Learn with Ollie website

For Teachers

  • Teacher’s Book (includes photocopiable materials)
  • Teacher’s audio material
  • Flashcard and Flashcards Cube
  • Posters and pop-outs
  • BIG story cards
  • I-solution


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