Annette Flavel, Francisco Loyda, Isabel Moreno,Fanny Riva Palacio

Number of Levels: 3

Age: 2-5

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Crickets is a four-level preschool series that integrates all the domains of early learning. The learning cycle is based
on the 5 E’s methodology

  • Engage
  • Explore
  • Explain
  • Elaborate
  • Evaluate

This instructional model relies on the constructivist approach to learning.

With Crickets students will:

  • Build on previous knowledge through a constructivist approach
  • Develop cognitive and early literacy skills
  • Work with age-appropriate CLIL lessons
  • Use ICT (Information and Communication Technology) through interactive activities and videos
  • Begin exploring stories through a complete cycle of reading activities

For Students

For Teachers

  • Student’s Book
  • Practice Book
  • Student’s CD
  • Cricket Tales
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Teacher’s Resource CD
  • Class CD
  • Story Cards
  • Flashcards
  • Classroom Language Flashcards


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