Thumbs up

Sarah Fash, Suzanne Harris, Martyn Hobbs, Julia Keddle

Richmond Publishing

Levels 6

CEFR A1 – B1

Age 6-11


Thumbs up! Second Edition is a six-level primary series that motivates children to learn English while developing other areas of knowledge. It fosters students’ critical thinking skills, creativity, and natural curiosity through comics, videos, cross-curricular themes, games, poems, and songs.

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With Thumbs up! Second Edition, students will:

  • Discover grammar rules at their own pace over several presentations
  • Focus on meaning rather than on form, as in first language acquisition
  • Have a structured reading skills program with original stories, a comprehensive phonics and spelling program, and a six-level writing program
  • Reinforce values through a series of comic strips accompanied by fun activities
  • Develop their listening skills and broaden their knowledge of the world through a series of videos and fun activities

For Students:

  • Student’s Book
  • Practice Book
  • Student’s Resource Book
  • Practice Test Booklet
  • Student’s CD
  • Practice Spiral Platform

For Teachers:

  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Poster and cutouts
  • Practice Tests Booklet
  • Teacher’s Resource CD
  • Class CD
  • Videos
  • Resources: flashcards, word cards, templates, grammar worksheets, assessments, practice test audios, audio scripts, and answer keys
  • Rich Spiral Flatform


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