Annette Flavel

  • Level: 6 levels (1-6)
  • Age: 6-9
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Pathway to Science is a new CLIL course for primary school students. It contains lots of fun hands-on activities to help learners develop competencies in science while developing their  English language proficiency. Pathway to Science is the perfect complement for any general English course. It enables students to transfer their English skills to another content area while reinforcing their knowledge of science.

  • Gain practical knowledge by doing classroom experiments
  • Become familiar with the scientific method from an early age
  • Explore the most interesting parts of life science, physics, chemistry, the Earth, and the universe
  • Study scientific terms included in the illustrated glossary


For Students

  • Student’s Book
  • Activity Cards

For Teachers

  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Reinforcement and extension worksheets
  • Evaluations
  • Digital Book



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