Cool Kids Second Edition

Ana Foncerrada, Jeanette Greenwell, Andrew Starling, Joep Van Der Werff, Gabriela Zapiain, Silvia Zapiain

Richmond Publishing

Levels 6

CEFR A1 – A2

Age 6-11

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Cool Kid Second Edition is a six-level series for primary school children. It caters to different learning styles and encourages student participation, giving them opportunities to use language in a meaningful way. It also fosters learner autonomy.

With Cool Kids Second Edition, students will:

  • Learn and reinforce vocabulary using Cool Pictionary
  • Use everyday expressions included in the Cool Expressions section
  • Develop creative skills and consolidate learning through Cool Crafts
  • Develop creative reading skills through comic strips and non-fiction texts included in Cool Reading

For Students:

  • Student’s Book
  • Work Book
  • Student’s CD
  • Cool Reading, Pictionary Expression, and Crafts
  • Richmond Spiral Platform

For Teachers:

  • Teacher’s Guide (printed and digital)
  • Teacher’s Resource CD (with audio, crafts instruction, extra activities, tests, and word lists)
  • Flashcards
  • Cool Reading, Pictionary, Expression, and Crafts
  • Rich Spiral Platform


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