Walton Burns, Jake Murray, Alexandria Williams

  • Level: 6 levels (1-6) CEFR A1- A2
  • Age: for Primary children from age 6-11
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Hang Out is a coursebook designed specifically for young students of English by a team of experiences authors. Built around a CEFR-based curriculum, this six-level comprehensive language program takes students gradually from producing simple phrases to complex sentences in a widening range of topic areas and situations. Through vivid illustrations, realistic readings, and engaging comics, students follow a family of characters in their daily lives, building their knowledge of high-frequency vocabulary, common grammar structures and useful expressions.

  • Interesting characters and realistic contexts
  • Engaging activities covering all four skill areas
  • Systematic coverage of content from CEFR and common children’s tests of English proficiency
  • Workbook and student’s app for extra practice in class or at home
  • Teacher’s guide with extensive classroom notes
  • Interactive whiteboard with extra classroom activities to enhance learning