TOEIC Skills

Alastair Graham-Marr, Jeff Anderson, Rus Howser

Level: 3 levels (1-3)
Age: for young adults and adults

NEW TOEIC® Skills 1 is a 3-level series designed to help students improve their TOEIC® scores.
This NEW series covers the new TOEIC® test which is introduced from May 2016.
TOEIC® Skills 1 is designed for students studying at the 300-450 level.
TOEIC® Skills 2 is designed for students studying at the 450-600 level.
TOEIC® Skills 1 is designed for students studying at the 600-750 level.

The book features a Focus on the test and a Focus on language. Students get practice in each section of the test in each unit. In addition to this test focus, the focus on language sections help students develop the skills needed to do well on the TOEIC® test.

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The series has a strong focus on developing student listening skills. Students receive instruction in naturally reduced weak-form English which will help develop their comprehension skills.

  • Listening: Students will learn to comprehend naturally spoken English, its weak forms and reductions. Each unit has a section of analytical listening to help students understand the natural stress and rhythm of English – how vowels become week, disappear, link together and so on.
  • Vocabulary: Students will learn useful words associated with different topic areas that are associated with the test: office routines, company organization, travel finance, property management, manufacturing, sales, entertainment and so on.
  • Grammar: An implicit approach to grammar has been taken. Activities in each unit act as springboards which allow students and teachers to further explore elements of grammar.
  • Output: Each unit has four output activities which help develop an understanding of the test and the language needed to do well on the test.
  • Time pressure: Activities are timed to give students practice answering questions under pressure.

TOEIC Skills

Student’s Book (with MP3 CD & Online Practice Test)
1 9786049458866
2 9786049458573
3 9786049458880


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