Skills Builder for young learners

Elizabeth Gray
Express Publishing

Age: 6 – 11
Levels: Starters 1-2, Movers 1-2, Flyers 1-2

This exciting new series is designed to develop all four language skills at primary level. The syllabus reflects the language covered in primary courses and material taught around the world. The tasks and activities provide excellent practice in listening, speaking, reading and writing. …

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Key Features:

  • Appropriate balance practice of all four language skills
  • Meaningful use of language in clear and accessible contexts
  • Text and pictures presented in a clear and attractive way, which takes into account the age and interests of young learners
  • Motivating, learner-centered tasks which offer children opportunities to have fun while practicing
  • Activities designed to familiarise young learners with real-world tasks, such as carrying out instructions, locating, summarising, note-taking, etc

The Teacher’s Book provides:

  • A full key to the exercises in the Student’s Book
  • Tapescripts of all the listening material
  • Warm-up and follow-up activities for each task
  • A thematic vocabulary list and a list of the grammatical structures covered


  • Student’s Book
  • Teacher’s Book
  • Class CDs (set of 2)


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