Communication Spotlight: Business

Alastair Graham-Marr, David Moran, Michael Greenberg, Jack Perkins, Steve Paydon

Level: 2 levels (1-2) CEFR A2-B
: for young adult and adult learners of Business English

Communication Spotlight: Business is a two-skills text for adults and young adults that focuses on the strategies of speaking within a business context

Communication Spotlight: Business

  • introduces students to the strategies of speaking: the strategies that we use to confirm or clarify our understanding, maintain and develop conversations to help with communication in the business world.
  • teaches students how to listen to real-world English, how vowels weaken, how sounds change, disappear and so on.
  • introduces students to common business words and expressions, helping them with usage and meaning.
  • has many group and pair student activities, giving students the chance to try out their new language, or work on their fluency.

Communication Spotlight Business 1

Student’s Book (with MP3 CD) Teacher’s note
& Answer Key
1 9786049458859 Free download Free downloadAudio Test
2 up coming in 2017



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