Rebecca Robb Benne, Rob Metcalf, Robert Campbell

  • Level: 6 levels (A1+, A2, B1, B1+, B2, C1)
  • CEFR A1+ – C1
  • Age: 12-18

Beyond is a new six-level course for teenagers, from A1+ to B2. The course is based on detailed CEFR mapping and helps to prepare students for international exams.

  • The creative and dynamic approach to topics motivates students to engage with the material, making language learning more meaningful and successful
  • Two separate video strands (Speaking videos and Moving Picture videos), accompanied by a variety of task types, bring the pages to life and make the new language accessible and motivating for this age group
  • Focuses on developing strong linguistic skills, as well as teaching the wider skills and strategies students need to improve as language learners
  • Develops a comprehensive and practical sub-skills syllabus, equipping students with invaluable skills they can transfer to other areas of their education
  • A life skills lesson in every unit promotes planning and organization, critical thinking, problem-solving, social skills or cultural awareness


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